Incident Response

Our incident response division allows for an affordable and scalable solution for small and medium size companies

Forensics support

We find digital evidence that can be the difference between winning or losing your next case.

offering highly skilled cyber security & Digital forensic Services to a wide range of clientele across the country. 

Penetration testing

Also known as ethical hacking, we conduct this test to confirm risk of vulnerabilities, both external and internal to your network.

Respected PROfessionals

OUR CONSULTANTS HAVE The experience, certifications & skills to Support you right now.

Private Investigation

Whether you seek to track the activity of an individual or group physically or online, our PI services are discreet, thorough & highly efficient.

Our professional staff holds 70+ years of combined government, defense, law enforcement, and academic experience.

Fully licensed, insured and bonded. 

RI PI #2017-2168