Digital evidence is now being utilized in many non-traditional practice areas such as corporate law, family law, intellectual property law, and employment law. Our consultants have decades of forensic experience supporting counter espionage and criminal operations across the US intelligence community, defense industrial base, and law enforcement. We use only court tested and approved forensic hardware and software to conduct our analysis and we strive to stay ahead of the digital landscape as new devices and technologies are introduced to the market. As members of the International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners, we adhere to its strict policies and regulations regarding ethics and professional responsibility. 

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Our consultants have decades' worth of experience combating some of the most sophisticated cyber espionage and criminal activity the world has ever seen. This experience was forged in both classified and unclassified environments and required thousands of hours of intense technical and non-technical tradecraft.

Our network of On-Demand incident responders allow us to create a scalable and affordable solution to meet the needs of most small to medium sized companies experiencing a breach or suspected compromise. We'll utilize your existing staff and resources to reduce costs and remediate your compromise as quickly as possible. Our network of experienced and remote incident response consultants allows us to guarantee that our rates will be well below any other quotes you receive.

A penetration test is an information security assessment, undertaken by an organization with the purpose of measuring the security posture of information systems, software, networks, facilities and human resources. We use a variety of open source and proprietary software and techniques to ethically "attack" your network and identify any pre-existing vulnerabilities before your adversary does.  After our testing is complete, you'll receive a detailed after-action report  & accompanying mitigation plan to ensure that all discovered vulnerabilities are secured against future exploitation.

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Our consultants spent years supporting classified missions in support of US intelligence counter espionage operations and have tracked the whereabouts and activities of some of the world's most elusive individuals. We'll leverage this level of experience in support of your case, whether it be online or require around the clock physical surveillance.

We are a licensed PI firm and are fully bonded & insured.  We utilize a formula of cutting edge software and sources & methods to collect  and analyze actionable intelligence for our clients.  We have the ability to create a complete open source footprint of the target & can determine relationships & links between people, companies, organizations, or other affiliations.  

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Fully licensed, insured and bonded.